New Story in Alaska Quarterly Review

I’m thrilled to have a short story in the current issue of Alaska Quarterly Review! Many thanks to Ron Spatz and the entire team at AQR. I’m reading the issue now, and it’s a pleasure and an honor to have my writing appear in such excellent company. You can order print or digital copies ofContinue reading “New Story in Alaska Quarterly Review”

Residencies, Conferences, Grants, and Resources for Writers Who Are Parents

Please note, I keep a more up-to-date version of the below list here, accessible through the resources link in the menu. When I was a parent to a very small child, I couldn’t figure out how to fit in much writing, or exercise, or sleep, or a million other things. I would daydream of anContinue reading “Residencies, Conferences, Grants, and Resources for Writers Who Are Parents”